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I am the mother of three children ages 19, 17, and 14. I first developed a passion for babies and moms when I began babysitting at a young age and volunteering in a hospital nursery at 14 years old. After giving birth and nursing my own three children and overcoming many breastfeeding obstacles, I prepared to certify as an IBCLC in 2008. My passion is helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals by providing evidence based advice and coaching.

Stephanie Brown



Lactation co​nsults, bottlefeeding consults, prenatal breastfeeding education classes, breast pump information for return to work, latch help, overcoming breastfeeding difficulties such as tongue tie, sore nipples, low milk supply, food sensitivities, oversupply etc.




Nourish and Nurture Lactation 

Stephanie Brown RN IBCLC

Frisco, TX


+1 972 978-7282 +1 972 978-7282

E-mail: stephanie@nnlactation.com

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