Prenatal breastfeeding classes

Two hour class in your home or space. We will cover basic anatomy, how breastfeeding works, position and latch, newborns, how to know baby is getting enough milk, returning to work and pumping and any other questions you have. Some classes located at Plano Birthplace. Email or call for availability.


$75 for mother and partner, $125 flat rate for 2 or more moms and partners


In home or office lactation consults

90-120 minute consult in your home to help you overcome breastfeeding challenges. Generally includes medical history for mother and baby, position and latch assistance, pre and post feeding weights if applicable, and creating a feeding plan for mother and baby. Great for problems such as sore nipples, poor latch, slow weight gain, and low supply etc. Referrals to other healthcare professionals given if needed. Recommendations for follow up with healthcare provider if needed.


Initial Consult: $160 (Full visit or partial lactation consults and prenatal class fees may be reimbursed by your insurance company.) FSA or HSA funds can be used for consults. I will provide a superbill with insurance codes if you choose to file for reimbursement. Discounted rates for medicaid clients. Here's a link that breaks down how reimbursement works. It's generally easy to do.


Follow up Consults: $75-$120 depending on complexity.


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Nourish and Nurture Lactation

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